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Parison Control Upgrade

Digital Control: Moog 4 Channel 400 Point Parison Controller

Install Panel in
Your Cabinet

  • Replace obsolete controls with 400 point digital controls
  • Transferable recipe memory
  • Touch-screen for easy programming
  • Marker points for quick part check
  • Improved quality of parts with better control

Panel in NEMA 4

Analog Control: Moog G25 Single Channel 25 Point Analog Parison Controller
  • Low Cost
  • Slide pot ease of set-up
  • Analog


25 Point Analog Controller in NEMA 4 Enclosure

Parison Position Feedback
  • Replace unreliable linear potentiameter with magnetostrictive non contacting linear displacement sensor

Original Moog 10-Point Slide Pot Controller

New Moog 400 Point Digital Controller Pedestal Mounted for Operator Convenience

Servo Valve

  • Moog Factory rebuild to current design
  • Trade in allowance available for obsolete valves
  • Trade-in allowance for non Moog

Hydraulic Oil Conditioning
  • Improve machine reliability by improving oil cleanliness to ISO 13/11 or better
  • Off-line Kidney Loop Filtration System
  • Breather filter/or sealed reservoir


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