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Rail Impact Simulation
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Rail Impavt Simulation



  • Computer controlled rail car speed & impact deceleration
  • Payloads up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Speeds up to 15 MPH (actual impact speed)
  • Rail car can rebound after impact or be totally decelerated
  • Rail car can be coupled at impact to simulate real world conditions
  • Deceleration can be computer controlled from 50 MS (up to 8 MPH) to 400 MS
  • Rail test car can accommodate bulk package sizes up to 15' long x 9' wide x 12'-9"
  • Acceleration to test speed is controlled to .2g's

Computer Controlled Versatile Rail Impact Testing

For the past several years CP-R engineers have been analyzing damages caused to shipping containers when "humping" occurs during rail transportation. We have discussed (with senior corporate packaging engineers) in detail the nature, extent and cost of such damages and have used this information to develop a state of the art testing machine to duplicate the forces can be subjected to when transported by rail.

In a few hours CP-R can validate your new container, rack dunnage and product design to insure a safe rail journey. Contact our test engineering staff to arrange a meeting and visit to see our transportation simulation facilities and learn how properly designed shipping containers can save your company time and money.

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