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6 Axis Simulation
Rail Imapct Simulation

6 Axis Simulation
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  • 15,000 lbs. payload at 3 g's 5 hz to 75 hz
  • 6000 horsepower supplied to the test table
  • 12' x 12' test specimen capacity
  • Available rail & truck-trailer drive files can be used or CP-R can develop custom drive files to replicate field transportation conditions

About 6 Axis Simulation Testing

Until the installation of the CP-R 6 Axis Simulator in July of 1996, vibration testing was performed in one, two or three axis. Product and shipping container designs were based on such testing.When premature failures occurred, the design engineers were brought to task for producing inadequately designed products. Their designs were most often based on test data given them from vibration test data from the X, Y and/or Z axis only.
Recent studies conducted by CP-R engineers indicate the real world the pitch, roll and yaw axis simultaneously exert significant forces which can cause premature product failures previously attributed to design deficiencies.

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