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SL-T “Why use us?”

Welcome to St. Lawrence – Troy, LLC (SL-T).

St. Lawrence Hydraulic and Electronic Repair became St. Lawrence – Troy, LLC in 1999. At SL-T, we specialize in repair of high performance industrial hydraulic & electronic components and systems.
Our capabilities include:
• In-house engineering
• In-house machining
• Root cause analysis
• Servo system designing, building and troubleshooting
• Filtration system designing, building and troubleshooting
• System Transient Shock Analysis
• Upgrade path to new components/systems when required
• Remanufacture of fatigue rated test lab components
• Remanufacture of power generation EHC system components
• Repair of obsolete components

So, if you have fatigue rated, heavy duty, obsolete or standard industrial hydraulic or electronic components in need of repair, SL-T is uniquely qualified to handle your repair needs. Please take a moment to review our website and/or call our customer service with your inquiry.



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St. Lawrence-Troy LLC • 32399 Milton Drive, Madison Heights, Michigan 48071•Phone: 248-585-7733 • 800-521-5772

is to deliver quality products, systems and service, meeting all customer specifications, on time and in budget.
We have a plan to build-in excellence and innovation in the products and services we provide.