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Six Axes 15,000 Pound Capacity Testing Facility

6 Axes Transportation Simulator


State-of-the-art Cooling Tower
  • Calcification of heat exchanger water side
Featured Equipment:
  • 6 axis X,Y,Z, pitch, roll and Yaw Transportation Simulator
  • 10'X10' test platform operating in 6 degrees of freedom
  • 15,000 lbs. payload
  • 6000 horsepower supplied to the test table
  • Electrohydraulic hydrostatic bearing type actuators controlled with a Windows operating system
  • 2.4 million pound steel reinforced concrete base
Custom Seismic Mass
  • Soil Boring anaylsis
  • Seismic mas design
  • High strength concrete
  • Seismic mass isolation
  • 30' pulon for support
Low Maintenance
  • Texture / colored Block (no painting required)
  • Special roof material
  • Low maintenance roof
  • Anodized aluminium window frames
  • Block construction (material included)
  • Building geometry

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