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Flight Simulator
Component Repair Services


Equipment Upgrade

Digital Particle count Schroeder Test Mate Products — ISO Particle Counter

  • Monitor oil contamination real time sampling
  • Identify issues before unscheduled downtime interfers with your training schedule

Contamination Control

Filtration Upgrade

  • ISO 13/10 or better obtainable with
  • Portable and permanent off line filtration systems (You want to turn over your reservoir about 4 times per our for a typical Flight Sim center)
  • We make & flush custom hoses

Filter Standardization — Minimize Inventory

We will help you improve your inventory effciencies by helping you standardize on:
• Filters & elements
• Hydraulic pumps & motors


Sealed Reservoir


Servo Valves

  • Replace Obsolete Pegasus 128za with Moog 72b Series
  • Fit — Form — Function Replacement

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is to deliver quality products, systems and service, meeting all customer specifications, on time and in budget.
We have a plan to build-in excellence and innovation in the products and services we provide.

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