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Oil Contamination Analysis

A quick and easy way to determine if it is
a servo valve or controller/cable problem!

Viscosity - in centistokes (cSt) @ 40° Celsius as per ASTM D 445-04.
Graphs showing the viscosity trends along with limits allow for quick
recognition of abnormal situations.

Total Acid Number (TAN) - measures the corrosive acidic by-products of

Spectrographic Analysis - wear metal and contaminant levels are displayed

Wear metals indicate wear on particular components of an individual Unit in comparison with new oil

Patch Test / Contamination Photo The particulate contaminants are separated by pulling the fluid through a membrane using a vacuum pump. The patch test provides valuable visual evidence of the contamination in
the oil and used to estimate the ISO code for water glycol samples.

Status and Recommendations

  • Normal - System is operating within the parameters established by
    baseline data & prior samples. - System requires no immediate
  • Caution - System is operating outside of caution limits in one or
    more areas. System requires scheduled maintenance.
  • Critical - System is operating outside of critical limits in one or
    more areas. - System requires immediate attention

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