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Moog Servo Valve Factory Rebuild Program

Moog offers a complete factory rebuild of servo valves recondition "as new". Only Moog can offer this servo as replacement parts are not sold to ANY repair houses.

Features & Benefits:

  • Valve restored to current design with latest technology and as-new condition after Factory Rebuild
  • 2 year Moog same-as-new warranty
  • Repair Report for your valve
  • Return of components replaced during repair for future root cause failure analysis
  • Expedited repair service available

Services Available:

  • Standard Repair
  • Expedited Repair
  • Exchange obsolete for New
    Trade-in allowance available!
  • New EHC Servo Valves in stock
  • Full Root Cause Failure Analysis available



Moog Tech
Moog Factory Repair Technician

Servo Valve G761-3600B
Moog G761-3600B

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