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Low Micron High Efficiency Oil Filtration Systems

Collect Kidney Loop Filtration to Spplement System Filtration

  • Kidney Loop Low Micron Filtration Systems
  • In-Line Particle Contamination Analyzer
  • High Efficiency
  • Filtration Cart or skid
  • Instillation Services & Commisioning
  • Reduces Contamination "Fines" for External Oil & Componet Life


SchroederFiltration Systems

Kidney Loop Filtration Systems

  • 12/10 ISO is achievable
  • Pre-engineered & custom systems






Filtration Carts

Low Micron Filtration Cart
or skid mounted

  • Design & Build
  • High efficient depth media
  • System replaced electrostatic filter resulting in cleaner oil. Reduced varnish & lower operating cost.
  • Customer reduced servo valve repair from 75 repairs to 6.




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