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Central Hydraulic Power Unit
Servo Hydraulic Central Power Supply

Control Power Company manufacturers a wide array of Central Hydraulic Systems with pressure up to 10,000psi — flows to 1,000 gpm and above

Let Control Power Company custom build your Central Hydraulic Power Systems to your unique requirements.

Features include
  • High Performance Filtration
  • Accumulator Stands
  • Sealed Reservoir with nointernal welds
  • Kidney Loop Filtration Systems
  • Pump PMDiagnostics
  • Automatic Inline Oil Contamination Analyzers
  • High/Low Pressure Start-up
  • Weldless Piping Headers
6000 HP Servo Hydraulic Power Supply Reliability Case Study
  • 6 DOF Mast System w/15k lbs. payload
  • Run time – 8 to 24 hours per day
  • 6 fatigue rated actuators with hydrostatic bearings
  • Pay Load – up 15,000 lbs
  • 350 gpm 3-stage servovalves with filtration better than ISO 13/11 for long reliability
The design goal of the hydraulic support equipment built by Control Power was to configured 9 system with minimum to zero non scheduled down time. To accomplish this the following features were implemented:
  • Supercharged pumps – to eliminate cavitation, provide positive head and filtered oil to pump
  • Pumps run at 1200 rpm instead of rated 1800 rpm to extend bearing life and improve pump inlet suction minimizing oxidation of the oil
  • Kleenvent – sealed reservoir from atmosphere to minimize ingestion of ambient moisture and particulate when oil level changes with extension and retraction of the actuators.
  • Ingression of contaminant limited to rod seals on the actuators
  • Kidney loop filtration using surface filters
  • Kidney loop filtration using depth filter media to collect fines
The system design features resulted in the following:
  • No unscheduled down time since installation in 1996.
  • Original hydraulic oil since installation
  • Hydraulic oil Total Acid Number (TAN) increased less than 10% since installation
  • The ISO count maintained is 12/10 or better
  • The pumps, actuators & servovalves have not been repaired or replaced since installation


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