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Servo Hydraulic Linear & Rotary Fatigue Rated Actuator Repair

St. Lawrence-Troy, LLC (SL-T) performs complete remanufacturing
service for all manufacturers of Fatigue Rated Servo Controlled Linear
and Rotary Actuators.

Remanufacturing…not just repair
When the wear surfaces of Servo Controlled Actuators are damaged, simply replacing seals or polishing the wear surfaces is not sufficient to stop recurring failures. SL-T remanufactures all of the wear surfaces to assure the actuator will perform equal to or better than new.

Team Rotary Actuators

Linear Actuator

Linear Actuators

Our remanufacturing service includes:

  • Resurfacing scored rods
  • Resurfacing damaged hydrostatic bearings
  • Resurfacing damaged pistons
  • Resurfacing damaged barrels
  • Remanufacturing of ancillary components

Products Repaired:

  • Eaton Vickers
  • Houdaille
  • Hyd-Ro-Ac
  • Instron
  • MTS Linear Actuator
  • MTS Rotary Actuator
  • Parker
  • Rotac
  • Schenck Pegasus
  • ServoTest
  • Shore Western
  • Team

Linear Servo Actuator Remanufacturing PDF Available

Rotary Servo Actuator Remanufacturing PDF Available

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